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Love Sucks?

July 12, 2010

Do you feel like dating is the ultimate form of torture?

Does finding a life partner seem practically impossible?

If so many people are looking for love, why isn’t it easier to find SOMEONE?

There are dating blogs, online chat rooms, and matchmaking services.

You can search for a partner by race, religion, philosophy, hobbies, or political leanings.

You’ll find advice from people willing to give you STEP BY STEP instructions and those who are just telling you to wait your turn…

How do you know where to turn?  Why is it SO complicated?  It wasn’t always this way, was it?

Welcome to Wal-Mart!

I have a friend who moved to the U.S. from Russia when she finished college.  One day she was telling me about her first experience in an American grocery store…  No big deal, right?

WRONG!  She was so overwhelmed by all the aisles and colors and boxes and choices, that she said she was literally paralyzed!

After we stopped laughing at the image of this poor girl stuck like a deer in headlights in the peanut butter aisle, she explained that in Russia, you don’t have so many options.  That life was simpler

It wasn’t until I started doing some serious digging for a new project I’m working on that I realized just what she really meant!

I got dizzy from all the colors and opinions and lists…  From 10 steps to finding your perfect mate to 10 steps to finding the service to find your perfect mate, the list is endless.  Dr. Dating was, by far, the most list driven…

Decisions, Decisions…

With the dizzying array of choices for places to go just to learn how to START looking, no wonder you are overwhelmed!

The trick is to start with you…  If you aren’t clear what it is you are looking for, then all those choices only make your head spin!

Start with the obvious – do you want a boy or a girl?

Then move on to the more complex – do want a certain skin tone, ethnicity, or religious philosophy?

Don’t you just FEEL some of those myriad choices falling away?  Ah!  Breathing room!

Now you are gaining momentum.  Think about what’s important to you.  I mean REALLY important to you.  Take some time to think that one over.

Using the Universal Law of Sucking to Your Advantage

And while we’re on the subject, you might want to evaluate your living space.  If you don’t have room to move and you live by yourself, then you really aren’t in a place to invite someone else into your life, now, are you?

Nature abhors a vacuum.  It will fill that space with something.

Why not manipulate your space to help you draw in the Perfect Partner for you?  It’s not cheating… really…

When you set your mind to how you feel and who you would prefer and you clear your space to give that person room to show up, you might be surprised how quickly he or she does just that.

Take a little time off from the “dating game” and fill out your own questionnaire.  You’ll be glad you took the time to get clear.  And so will your Perfect Partner!

Happy Hunting!


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  1. July 16, 2010 1:55 pm

    …love the vacuum part

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