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Intending to Succeed…

July 8, 2010

The power of intention…  That’s what I am really getting in touch with.

Last month, I played a game with this blog.  In June, I challenged myself to write regularly and to promote actively.  I even set up a “score” I was shooting for…  50 hits.  I had been posting erratically before my commitment and had received about 26 hits a month.  And I hadn’t really focused on promoting the blog, so double seemed a good way to start…

Well, I received over 100 hits in June as a result of my laser focus on my goal.  I surprised myself endlessly!  I was thrilled!  I even let Facebook go as I “ran” to my blog several times a day to check my stats…  Too funny!

What I found TRULY amazing was that on June 29th, the day after I hit 102 visits, I gave a workshop and took a bit of mental “time off” from my blogging obsession.  I even missed my June 30th commitment to post.

I have been checking my stats sporadically over the last week and I have had not one single visit in 7 days!

*POOF*  Once my June goal was met, all that energy just dried up!  Since I hadn’t challenged myself to the next level, the momentum just dissipated…  Crazy, I tell you!

No one out there had any clue I had “lost focus” and yet you all responded in kind to my lackadaisical attitude.  How wild is that?

So, for all you folks out there that haven’t been achieving the results that you would like, I challenge you to raise your own bar.  No one else even needs to know about your little contest, if you want to keep it private.

Follow these guidelines:

  • Pick an area of your business or personal life where you want to see some action.
  • Set a measurable goal – Stretch just a little beyond what you believe is possible.
  • Create some excitement for yourself around your goal – Have a graph or a chart where you track your results
  • Only tell one or two other people about your challenge…  Your accountability partner(s)!
  • Check in with your Accountability Partner(s) regularly.  Set a time or day and stick with it.

I plan to use the power of intention and setting mini-goals to ramp up my business.  Let’s see how far I can go!

I would love to hear about your success stories!  Drop me a note at  I’d be happy to cheer you on!

Thanks for contributing to my momentum!  How may I help you?


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