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Do You Value Your Life?

June 9, 2010

One of the things I am learning is that it’s the little moments in life that count…

Just last week, I was in the kitchen making breakfast for myself. My husband came into the den and sat down on the couch. Normally, he would pick up the guitar, but he didn’t. He just sat there for a moment.

A thought crossed my mind. “Go sit with him…” “Nah…” I thought, “I don’t have time…” Then I thought “why wouldn’t I have time for my most important relationship?” I went and laid on the couch with my head in his lap for 10 minutes.

Later that evening, when we shared our days, he shared that that moment had been the high point of his day! Wow! What if I had missed that?!?

Now, think about this…

If you were held up at gun point, would you give up your wallet or would you give up your life? Most of us would give up the money, right?

In that moment, we value our life more than we value the cash we have in hand.

So why do we sacrifice our life a little bit at a time day in and day out?

It happens slowly… A little bit at a time…

Check this out. A team of scientists decided to study the effects of slow environmental changes on frogs.

First, they put a frog in a container with room temperature water. They increased the temperature of the water just a little bit and watched the frog’s response. The frog was ecstatic, happily swimming around. They turned up the heat a little more. The frog was thrilled. They did it again, and again the frog seemed overjoyed. The last time they turned up the heat, the frog died!

Scientists took the same setup with a frog of the same species and put the water at a temperature just below the temperature that the previous frog had died in. The new frog was FRANTICALLY trying to ESCAPE!!

What happened?

In the first scenario, the environment had changed so slowly that the frog couldn’t tell that the temperature was getting dangerously hot. He had adjusted to his environment, even though it was bad for his health. In the end, it cost him his life!

How often do you trade little slices of your self or your life “just this once…”?
• The overtime is only for a few weeks…
• I’ll just have dessert one more time, THEN I’ll eat right…
• Just one more cigarette…
• But it’s a special occasion…
• They really need me honey.
• You’ll have other baseball, soccer, football games/ballet, band, piano recitals…

And your marriage is suffering… And your family is suffering… And your physical and mental health are suffering…

You have no down time… You have no romantic time… You have no vacation time… You have no recuperation time…

You get fatter, grumpier, sicker, more tired, more distant. You keep thinking…
• Doesn’t he understand that I do it for him?
• Doesn’t she know it’s just for a little while longer?
• It’s just this one last time…
• Don’t they KNOW that I LOVE them?!?

Are you overdrawn in your “life account” selling your life away one day at a time, expecting that you’ll “catch up later?”

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