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Cleaning “House”

January 14, 2010

I have heard several people talk about the Master Cleanse lately.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Master Cleanse, picture this – you have NOTHING TO EAT for as long as 40 DAYS except lemons or limes, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. Oh yeah! I almost forgot the LAXATIVE tea!

Well, being a curious soul and fairly well-versed in natural wellness, my husband and I decided to try it to see if it works. Besides, I had recently gained some weight that I was ready to “RELEASE back to the universe with gratitude!” What could it hurt?

(Yes, even wellness gurus can fall off the wagon! Sometimes those old addictions die HARD!)

We scheduled lunch at The Cheesecake Factory for our “last supper” and then went shopping!

We decided to wade in slowly by doing the following to prepare mentally and physically for what was to come:

Day 1 – Eliminate processed foods.
Day 2 – Drink lots of orange juice and have homemade veggie lentil soup for lunch and dinner.
Day 3 – Nothing but OJ

Well, what happened next was nothing short of EXTRAORDINARY!

Day 1: I started drinking the juice, which actually tastes really darn good! “Wow!” I thought. “This is deceivingly easy. Hmmm… What’s the catch?”

Day 2: I awoke feeling good. Everything’s fine.

Day 3: Doing great. Feeling clearer, more focused, lighter. My sense of smell is getting better.

Day 4: Feeling energized. Happy. Plenty in my belly. No hunger. No dizziness. Maybe there’s something to this…

By the end of 8 days, I started to notice that it was pretty easy. I was starting to lose weight AND my colon was clearing out. (Your nose is not the only place where snot comes out… I apologize for being graphic. It’s just a part of the process.)

So what gives?

Well, lemons and limes are PACKED with vitamins. In the olden days of ocean travel, sailors would contract scurvy because they had no access to fresh food for weeks. Doctors found that when citrus fruit was included in their diets, the sailors fared much better! Also, lemon is a great cleaning agent… (Just look at how many brands of dish soap are lemon-something-or-another.)

Maple syrup is a complex carbohydrate (read GOOD sugar). It serves a couple purposes. First, it provides valuable minerals that the body needs. Second, it gives the body the fuel it needs to continue on without having to tear apart muscles to get it. AND it tastes GREAT! Mmm….

Cayenne is great at clearing mucus. Have you ever eaten a super spicy meal and your nose starts running? Well, that’s the pepper. With the cleansing action of the lemon, the cayenne helps clean the walls of the intestines. (Hence the snot…)

Simple! Amazing! Simply amazing!

So, 25 days and 15 (Yes, 15!) pounds later, I regretfully broke my fast, as Marcelo continues on to 40 days… I’m jealous. I’m breaking my fast because I’m traveling next weekend… And I don’t think I’ll find a restaurant that serves Master Cleanse Lemonade. I would probably get charged for serious excess weight if I carried all my lemons and maple syrup with me in my luggage…

But, WOW! I lost 15 pounds! I look great! I feel Great! I’m three days off the fast and eating solid food. I don’t crave the junk. And I can still have that lemonade, if I want it. What could be better?

If you are looking for a way to detoxify or for a quick weight loss program, this could be it! I was able to function normally. I attended events and networking functions with no problem. I never went hungry as long as I prepared my “meals” in advance.

I even went to the GYM while I was fasting! I had tons of energy and my mind was clear! Still is!

Now, remember, the key is NOT to go back to your old ways of eating or you will gunk up your intestinal walls all over again and pack the weight back on…

So, if you are ready for a serious change, check this out… If you decide to try it, but haven’t ever fasted before or aren’t sure if you’ll like it, then you can try it for the minimum 10 days. It’s 10 days before your colon really starts deep cleaning and 10 days, when scheduled right, isn’t too much trouble…

Of course, you may want to wait until AFTER the holidays to start.

For a copy of the Master Cleanse, click here.

Be sure to read the whole book to see if this program is right for you. Also, if you have current health issues, you may want to consult with your doctor. At the very least, to get blood work done before and after to see if some miraculous changes take place! You never know…

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